Saturday, June 4, 2011

We will Blog again...just keep checking up.

In the mean time here is Sadie the dog.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I am feeling....

I am feeling something today....I need to write it down, but it will take some time. I learned in Stake Conference about creating. I created my day and i need to stick with my creative plans...therefore, I shall write a bit later. I only hope the feelings stick and I can remember the thoughts.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


The sun is shining today!
Hip, hip, hurray!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Today my mind is filled with..........NOTHING!
I am a bit overwhelmed with things I want to get done by a certain amount of time and it is....pretty much too much to do, so shall I start it or just not do it?? That is what is in my head today??!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I was just thinking... (this is something [thinking] that comes really hard for me to do)Today in seminary we finished 4 Nephi. I wonder how wonderful it would have been for the 1st hundred years after Christ had been among the people. Everyone was kind, and tolerant, they were of one heart and one mind. Their thoughts were good, with only good intentions, the people truly had the light of Christ. They truly believed His words. They walked the straight and narrow path he taught them about. There were no classes among them. Wow, I marvel how this was done. First was the changing of self. Mastering oneself that is. It can be was done in Enoch's time also. So, I must take every efforts to learn of the teachings of Christ and instill them in my heart and act as I have been taught. I want to be among those people that happiness was all they encountered. The plan of happiness was understood, so therefore when trials came into their lives it was understood and did not become a burden, or a stumbling block. The people cared about each other and put their shoulder to the wheel and moved forward. They taught their children to do the same. It is interesting how we teach our children. Our every words will be remembered, our every action will be remembered....our children will remind of this whether they tell us about it or they emulate "us" in them as they go about their lives. Wow! I think I am talking in circles right now, but I believe it is true. When we slip up....we do affect those around us...the second half of 4 Nephi explains started with a small portion of the people removing themselves away from the teachings of Christ...then it tumbles ever so quickly to confusion and pride and hatred. All it takes is a small portion and the decay comes quickly until there is physical and most importantly spiritual harm and even death!
Repentance is truly a gift from our Savior. How thankful I am for the opportunity to repent. I must keep out the little things or small portions I still allow in my life, cuz "I don't think they will affect me." I must remove them from my"self" is a straight and narrow room for excess which doesn't bring eternal happiness.

Monday, May 10, 2010



Hello Ya'll

My thoughts on life. I sit here (something I probably shouldn't be doing cuz I have so much to do) pondering about life in particular. It is amazing how quickly we can forget how blessed we are. I count my blessing and feel overwhelmed with appreciation and love for all that my Heavenly Father has showered me with. I have received so many blessing I am even embarrassed to mention them because it would sound like I was bragging and I wouldn't ever want to do that. It is interesting how quickly blessings can be forgotten just because of mine own selfishness, like if things don't go the way my head wants them to go, or I feel a little tired with a small headache, all my remembrance of my blessings get lost in my selfishness. My vision becomes so immediate that I cannot see nor feel what I should be feeling because I fill my soul with unnecessary thoughts and feelings that don't bring me eternal happiness. I don't want to do this anymore. I need to work on this daily, and on some days I need to work on this hourly and some hours I need to work on this every minute. I am so glad and thankful for repentance. I am so thankful I can talk to my Heavenly Father and ask for forgiveness. I am so thankful for the Atonement. It allows me to look at myself and make the changes I need to make so I can feel my Saviors love which helps me to change and work on being more like Him. I love the Savior. He has provided me with a pathway of happiness, if I will only follow it! He pleads for me, and I know it. He gives me second chances, just in case I don't get it the first time. I am thankful for that. Wow, I do love LIfE! It can be crazy at time, but if I would only count my blessings and remind myself very often....Life is great when we lose ourselves in serving others and trying to be more Christlike in all that we do.